Youth Association DRONI

Youth Association DRONI is one of the oldest and biggest organisation active in youth field in Georgia. It works on the following topics: youth policy, youth advocacy and development, human rights education and education for democratic citizenship. DRONI is the coordinator of this project.

Youth Club for Intercultural Dialogue, Democracy and Peace

NGO founded in 2009 with a mission to promote the intercultural dialogue and assist the strengthening of democracy in Armenia with the support of regional peace-building.

National Youth Council of Moldova

an umbrella structure of 58 youth organizations, with a mission to empower young people to participate actively in the society, promote the interests of the young people from Moldova in its relations with government and international institutions, to develop youth associative structures through the implementation of program activities, trainings, information, advocacy and consulting services.

Gori Municipality - City Hall

A municipality from the central part of Georgia, with an interest in the involvement of young people in decision-making processes on the local level. The City Hall intends to increase the level of cross-sectorial cooperation.

Zugdidi Municipality - City Hall

A municipality from the western part of Georgia with a considerable experience of working with youth NGOs and with an intention to create more successful youth policy.


from Sweden, KEKS consists of 42 local departments for youth work and about 200 youth centres. In order to improve quality, it has developed a unique model for quality assurance. On the basis of this, KEKS works with the development of competence, methods and organisation among our member organisations in order to enhance the quality of youth work.

Sondip Ry

Founded in 2006, The Union of Multicultural Associations in South-West Finland is a union promoting multiculturalism in Finnish society. Currently, Sondip has 19 member associations. Our activities consist of several projects and the production of different outsourcing services. Our main mission is to support and promote our member associations.

The objective of the union is also to increase
Sondip participates in decision making by engaging in authoritative meetings and workshops both nationally and municipally.


Education, Audiovisual & Culture Executive Agency

EACEA is a centralised agency which is implementing various actions including Erasmus+ which is the frame of this project. EACEA is an Executive Agency that has supported this project. Erasmus+ programme is a programme by European Commission to support education, training, youth and sport. 



Phone: +995579351717

Youth Association DRONI

41 Shartava Street, XIII floor

0160, Tbilisi, Georgia

Mon - Fri: 11am - 7pm

​​Saturday: 11am - 3pm

​Sunday: Closed

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