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Youth On Move - Breaking Ice

© Alexander Popov

You Have the Power, ✊

You Have the Time, 🕒

So Use them Wisely 💭

To Make Things Right, ➡️

There Are Lives, That you Might Change

Through the Power of #Exchange,

Know the goal You're striving for,

So do More, Be More!

This is a poem, composed by the participants of the second phase of #Triangle4Youth. 'Youth On Move' is the slogan of the YE. Writing a poem, taking a group photo, creating the logo and slogan, dance and soundtrack for the project, © Alexander Popov drawing portraits of every single person in the group were part of the missions from the exercise called 'The Mission Impossible'. Although, people made it possible!

© Alexander Popov

The Youth Exchange has taken its path in the city of Gori, Georgia. The group is very large - 50 participants from 5 countries (Armenia, Finland, Moldova, Sweden, Georgia). This time we have included local participants in the project to better identify the issues affecting young people in Gori in order to offer solutions to the City Hall. Providing recommendations during the meeting with the local policy-makers will be one of the outcomes of this project.

The first part of the very first day of our Youth Exchange was fully dedicated to the team-building activities, icebreakers and name games. It began with introduction to the group, project and each other. Despite the fact, that the group is huge, some of the participants could remember and pronounce everyone’s name without a mistake!

Though the weather was not very friendly (it was raining :| ), the group went to the city during the activity called 'Walkie-Talkie'. Participants kept asking and swapping questions and partners, exploring the world, culture and life of one another. There were some trivia questions, too. 'What is your favorite age and why?' and 'Who is the most influential person for you?' were much appreciated.

© Alexander Popov

In the end of the day, leaders from country groups had a meeting. Leaders divided the roles and sessions, reviewed the programme and the strategy for the youth needs assessment in Gori. One thing we know for sure: Topias from Finland is taking care of the energizers. And we have

them A LOT!

The last part of the day was the highlight and a pure cultural shock. The whole group left the venue together to explore museums at night! Top rated museum they visited was Uplistsikhe - an ancient rock-hewn town, dating from the Early Iron Age to the Late Middle Ages, and is notable for the co-existence of pagan and Christian architecture. Video presentation about the history of the town was screened right on the wall of the fortress.

© Sarah Ali

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