• Tiko Nadirashvili

Youngsters Talk to The Mayor

As soon as we composed the problem forest, participants of the #Triangle4Youth created a list of possible solutions for the mentioned local problems. Tree analysis helped us to find solutions by mapping out the structured anatomy of causes and effects around the issues affecting young people in Gori. Senior adviser of the city mayor, Mr Shalva Tlashadze was accompanying the group during the whole process of assessing the needs and developing recommendations. On the very next day, participants from 5 different countries headed to meet the mayor of Gori Municipality. 50 young people with banners and posters covered the streets of Gori!

Various recommendations were presented to the Gori Municipality Hall. Providing information about existing initiatives, projects, workshops and opportunities for young people, more public spaces for discussions, forums and fun activities, restoration of cinema and construction of a swimming-pool, creating online platform for the business start-ups, opening a hub, making a website combining information about all of the local and international opportunities, launching exhibition of non-governmental organisations working in the youth field are just few of recommendations developed by our participants.

The research design and the results of the surveys were also presented to the mayor. Apparently, most of the issues were well-known for the mayor and he has developed strategy to overcome the problems with the scarce resources that the municipality has. We found out that they're going to open a swimming-pool for youngsters in October, 2018.

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