• Tiko Nadirashvili

#Triangle4Youth goes D1G1T4L

Are you not yet convinced that digital youth participation can be fruitful? Based on our experience, utilizing digital tools is not only effective for successful youth participation processes, but also for the transparent, accessible and youth-friendly learning process! Therefore, our facilitator, Nika decided to use the web as a library, discussion space and research area for the participants of #Triangle4Youth.

Stage 1. Daily Reflection

Participants reflect on the outcomes of the previous days through posting their statements on the blog of this website and via Facebook updates in the project group. (The latest blog can be seen here)

Stage 2. Online Library

If one' interested in the topic of #YouthParticipation, they should definitely visit our online library which is available in the Participant's Corner. There are download links for every material project included. It's easy, convenient and very much appreciated by our participants.

Stage 3. Preparation of the analytical document.

The surveys for municipalities and the questionnaires are available in the Participant's Corner. Everything happens on the website!

Stage 4. Place for discussions.

#Triangle4Youth hosts young people, youth workers and municipality representatives from different countries and they have much to share with each other, indeed. For this reason, we have Forum. Main topics for discussion on the forum were Youth Policy and Youth Work so far. Participants asked questions and commented right there, on the same page.

As a result, every aspect of the whole project is available online. We're looking forward to code the projects one day!


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