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I am the daily reflection blog and I consist of the notes written by the participants of #Triangle4Youth.

''It was very interesting to work in groups about Hart's Ladder of Participation and discuss the different views we had about various steps in youth participation.''

''A challenge for me was to remember everyone's names but we did it, since it is very important to feel together like a team''.

''We saw different steps in front of us. The exercises made it clear and easy to understand the progress of participation. You can't expect to start at the top of the ladder - it's a development.''

''To learn about RMSOS gave me better understanding in what's necessary to have to reach participation.''

,,It's interesting and motivating to see that even though we have different opportunities and are far from each other geographically, we share the same views, goals and have a common way to work with young people''

''RMSOS - made me realize that if for some countries lack of participation in youth can be caused by insufficient resources that young people have in life (and all the struggle they have to obtain missing resources to at least get their basic needs satisfied), in developed countries it is still a case, but just because that they have all the means given from the beginning, they might take it all granted and have a lack of motivation to participate.''

''The most exciting part of the programme for me is having direct contact with the municipality and city hall representatives and also, an opportunity to explore various youth policy documents''

''The people in this room are interesting and unique and I'm sure they will have an impact on the future of their communities''.


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