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Supporting Employability - Swedish Way

Participants from the EaP countries in Sweden visited one of the youth centers to listen to a presentation of the summer job “young developers of municipality” and see one of its outcome: a short video about “Community, free from Violence”. The presentation was made by the youngsters who worked on it and created the video during their summer job. Fellows learned that this summer program offered by the municipality employs youngsters from 16 to 19 and helps them get working

experience and contribute to the development of their municipality. ''This program might remind us Georgian summer jobs program for students, but there are many differences which if we take from Swedish analog, can help us improve it a lot.'' - told us Khatia, a fellow from Georgia.

Last day of their job shadowing was quite intense. First, they met international coordinators of Borås Stad Edina and Chiara and talked about possible ways for future cooperation. It was rather interesting, as they learned some new things about working with Eastern Partnership countries as well.

After that we went to meet Malin Yderhag, youth strategist, coordinator of youth council of Borås. She presented the youth council, it’s organization, accomplishments and it's opportunities ahead. It was very nice to hear how actively they cooperate with other cities of Sweden. Also, how democratic structure the council has and how they try to bring value to the youth of the town.

,,But the highlight of the day was newly built youth center in Mark, near Borås. It was the first youth center we saw that had special days and events to work with and include young people with disabilities. When you enter it, you take of your shoes and it creates this cozy, homey atmosphere from the beginning. Then we had a look to the cinema room, computer room, video and photo making room and they all were so well equipped it was jaw dropping. They even had a 3d printer for creating different creatures that later would be used in the movies they make. Later I, with other young people, attended small workshop and made my own paracord bracelet.'' - told us Khatia, who also is a member of Youth Association DRONI.

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