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Shadowing Social Entrepreneurship

Youth workers and municipality representatives in Turku visited few more centers which work with and for young people and are under the disposal of City of Turku (Youth Services). #Fendari is a place, where young people up to the age of of 29 can attend the workshops and gain experience in traditional works of furniture, painting, knitting or metalwork. During several months young people who lack higher education can become professionals in the mentioned fields. Later on, the youth centers take care of their employment. Studying in Fendari is free of charge.

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''Youth centers with a special focus,serve not only for the interests of young people, but also carry out auxiliary practices, such as developing and improving the skills and talents of their wards. Thanks to the practices that they are implementing, they give and strengthen youngster’s moral and psychological mentality/stability. The time that is given to young people to be in these centers varies between from 1 to 2 years. After leaving the place, for example, the Craft Center of Turku, practice issuing certificates to confirm young people’s proficiency and the degree of hand craft master skills.'' - Says Magdana, fellow from the country of Georgia.

Another highlight of the day was a study visit to #Varissuon nuorisotalo, a place with concrete examples of children's participation in 'governance' through participatory budgeting. This youth center is located in the school building and youngsters visit it regularly after their school lessons. Youth workers involved the children in the process of budgeting and participants of #Triangle4youth had an opportunity to watch the video presentation about this case. ''They organized children's elections on a certain topic - kids could choose how to spend the money; however the point is that the election process was held in complete similarity as adult’s election participation process, with all the necessary attributes such as a list for signing, selective ballots, a ballot box. So they could vote for buying a piano, Xbox, roller coaster and etc.'' Magdana thinks that this is a very efficient practice and she can initiate it in her municipality.

Job shadowing in Sweden covered a study visit at #Norrbyhuset.'' It is a youth center in an area of the city which is mostly populated by the immigrants and doesn’t have a safe reputation. That is a reason why most of the Swedish origin people have moved out from the area during the last years. And even though Norrbyhuset has experienced some difficulties because of these matters and they even had to close down the center in its old location, they still reopened and now operate quite successfully.'' - Says Khatia, a fellow from Georgia.

It is one of the biggest youth centers of municipality and it works with people of different age, from 0-19 as they divide (young ones) and adults, from 20+. There are EVS volunteers helping youth workers and staff as well.


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