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Q&A With The Community Educators

Fellows in Sweden visited KEKS in Gothenburg, which is a network of 46 municipality departments for youth work. Jonas Agdur, chair of KEKS made a very informative, comprehensive presentation for the participants of the project #Triangle4Youth about youth work in Sweden and in #KEKS, and about their research project on conditions for youth participation.

Their next stop was Arena 29, a culture house and a meeting place for young people between 16-25, planned and arranged by the young people themselves. Arena 29 has different types of facilities and tools to help youngsters express themselves creatively.

At the same time, participants of the job shadowing in Finland learnt a lot about the Turku Youth Services - it's structure, goals and policy. Fellows were able to visit 4 youth centers: #Fendari, #Vimma, #RockAcademy and #Varissuon nuorisotalo. Youth centers in Turku have various target groups for youngsters of different ages. Participants from EaP countries had a chance to have Q & A sessions with the professional youth workers. Participants were especially excited and inspired after the meeting with Mark, a musician and sound engineer who runs Rock Academy - municipal program which supports band music in Finland and the main branch of it was founded in Turku. Academy has a significant role in social work and often uses street music as a common language to communicate with youngsters.

''We met and talked in person with several workers of the centers. They easily and sincerely responded to the questions which were asked by us, for e.g. such as: "How long have they been working in this field?" Why did they choose this profession? How do they outreach with the youngsters? ". We learnt the general terms, activities of which are carried out not only at the local, but also at the national level It is planned to share this information between our organizations and municipality representatives for future practices, interactions and actions toward creating motions toward new steps of Youth Work involvement.'' - Says Magdana, participant from the country of Georgia.

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