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Planning Advocacy Campaign in 5 Countries

Well, it's true that most of #Triangle4Youth participating country groups have a lot in common concerning young people and youth policy management - common issues and difficulties, challenges and realities. Using creative problem-solving, a list of new ideas was generated. Although, the team concluded that every country group should create Advocacy and Information Awareness Raising Campaign about the needs young people. effective youth work and youth policy and to disseminate European Charter on the Participation of Young People among local communities.

Accordingly, the third day of the seminar was fully dedicated to the planning of local advocacy and information awareness raising campaigns. Day started with an introduction to advocacy and campaigning, had an input about ''How to build successful campaign'' and some tips & tricks about spreading information on social media. Successful cases included #LikesDontSaveLives” by UNICEF Sweden and Campaign of Save The Children to increase Government expenditure on children’s health in India to over 2.5% of GDP.

So, where are we now?

Boras (Sweden) - issue: open youth centers have resources and opportunities that don't reach a broad target group. Goal: 60% of the time is produced by young people, number of participants are increased by 10% with gender distribution 40/60%, new allies are increased by 10%, all employees of Daltorp are aware/ spread information about The Project Evening and all employees at Daltorp have a common Elevator Pitch about it. Hashtag: #DontLeaveJonasAlone (it's a joke, they're still working on the hashtag). Boras team plans to start an active online and offline campaign to reach these goals. Youth leaders at Daltorp will meet all the students and talk about the project evening.

Yerevan (Armenia) - issue: lack of youth involvement in sport activities. Hashtag: #BeActive #BeHealthy Yerevan team has quite ambitious action plan! 15 days for preparation, 7 days for art event, 7 days for gym facility activities, 15 days for the online challenge. Target of their campaign are children and young people.

Cahul (Moldova) - Planned actions: launching information campaign, seminars, shooting a video about Cahul Youth Centre and its services, expanding the services throughout the whole district. Hashtags: #BeTheChange #TineriiViitorului. Goal: 35% of the total number of youth from Cahul district will be informed about the rights and opportunities of young people and services of Cahul Youth Center.

Turku (Finland) - the issue: cost cut in youth work. Goal: to achieve the visibility of the significance of youth work, to get the decision makers to notify the importance of youth work.hashtag:#YouthWorkMakesDifference . To achieve their goal, Turku team will actively use the tool of social media.

Gori (Georgia) - Through targeting Gori City Hall and Gori City Council, under the hashtag #GiveMeTheSpace Gori team aims to implement advocacy campaign in order to raise awareness about youth participation and affect the municipal budget. Lack of

infrastructure - youth centers is an issue for Gori. For this reason, starting from September, they'll have a focus group meeting and interviewing which will be evaluated. In person meeting with the City Hall and City Council representatives, presenting the project of open youth center to them. Team collaborates with the initiative groups and NGOs.

Zugdidi (Georgia) - issue: Lack of legal instrument for youth policy implementation. Goals: to create a youth strategic plan for 2019-2022 and raise the budget for youth matters. Hashtag: #YouthPowerZugdidi and #GiveYouthLegalStatus. It's not surprising that Zugdidi Team has planned a long, multi-phased advocacy campaign, which includes: finalising the statistic analysis and research of youth needs assessment, public meetings, printing promotional material, promoting the rights of young people in order to increase their participation, invite experts from the youth field, discussing the draft of policy document during the conference, finalising the draft of the document at City Council (Sakrebulo).

Tbilisi (Georgia) - the issues are:

1) lack of public spaces for young people;

2) Lack of awareness about young people's right on participation.

Tbilisi team plans to make proposals to the city hall, organise series of workshps/trainings to spread the notions of youth participation, make and disseminate short video interviews about the rights of young people, produce T-shirts and accessories with their campaign messages.

Tbilisi Advocacy campaign will be involving Droni volunteers, young people of Tbilisi, educators, teachers, experts, bloggers, vloggers and other multipliers. Under the hashtag #MySpace #ჩემისივრცე. The target groups of the advocacy campaign - Tbilisi City Hall + Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia.

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