• Tiko Nadirashvili

Phase 1: Accomplished!

Our training course in the wonderful city of Chisinau is closing to the end. Participants in mixed groups started planning activity programmes for the next phase of the project: Fellowships to Finland and Sweden and also for the Youth Exchange.

Throughout past week, key elements of youth work and youth policy were identified. Participants developed their knowledge about the concepts of youth participation using various methodologies and materials like: RMSOS, Ladder of Participation, European Charter on Youth Participation. Youth workers broadened their practical skills in non-formal education and needs assessment using Problem and Solution (objective) trees, community mapping and needs analysis. Participants in mixed groups explored the needs and the challenges of the national youth policies in EaP and EU. Participants from 5 different countries discovered the diverse aspects of youth participation, reflected on roles, responsibilities, challenges and needs, understood different types of active citizenship for youth.

As a result, participants and organisations are prepared for the fellowship and hopefully, new competences will ease their learning during the whole process.

Don't get sad. We'll come back soon! Visit our blog and keep yourself updated about the project <3


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