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#GoriUpdates: Our Voice! Our Rights! Our Space!

As you already know, Gori Municipality City Hall is a partner organisation of the project #Triangle4Youth. Number of positive events took place in Gori throughout these 10 months! Mr Shalva Tlashadze (Senior Advisor to the Mayor) and Ms Magdana Chitadze became our fellows through the job shadowing and explored the best practices of youth policy, youth work and cross-sectorial cooperation for youth in Sweden and Finland, respectively.

After February, Gori Municipality City Hall started assessing the needs of youth in Gori, involving several youth organisations and researchers, who covered all the communities and prepared the final research. The City Hall initiated a strategic youth policy document, which is on its final stage for now.

Although, it is a draft version and for its implementation approval from the City Council is needed. Mr Tlashadze assumes, that the youth policy document will be approved and validated until the final conference of Triangle for Youth (February, 2019). Besides, it is expected that the document will affect municipal budget for the sake of youth. We were told, that the document is fully based on the findings of the youth needs assessment.

We visited Gori City Hall, met the people who were involved in the research and also, in the creation of the document. Short interviews can be seen in the video, below.

The research revealed lack of spaces, opportunities, means and support for the young people.

For this reason, Mr Tlashadze and Ms Magdana Chitadze started a campaign for one more youth center in the city of Gori. The next step for this campaign is a focus group study on the requirements, expectations and wishes of the youngsters: what kind of youth center they would love to have, what activities and services should be served in that space, which age group will be the main target, etc.

Stay with us to explore latest news about the campaign for new youth center, final draft of the youth policy document, prioritised and revised municipal budget for the sake of youth and more youth-friendly Gori! We're the hashtag #Triangle4Youth.

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