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Finnish Youth Work In Focus

After getting to know with the surroundings with Topias, who appeared to be an excellent guide and an expert of outdoor activities, fellows in Turku explored the main aspects of education system in Finland. They had a chance to visit two branches of the Humak University of Applied Sciences. It is a place, which produces community educators and a youth worker is one of those professions one can acquire there. Fellows got to know to goals, structure and working style of the university. The motto is: learning by doing.

Participants of the job shadowing attended a class about the usage of social media and marketing in youth work and daily life and they were involved in the workshop as well. According to their words, participatory and practice-based approach of teaching in the public universities for them was something new, innovative and exciting. Besides, participants learned a lot about the social welfare system of Finland and especially, it's youth direction. The issues of at-risk target groups, refugees, school drop-outs and topic of people with mental illness were examined.

Fellows from Moldova, Armenia and Georgia had an opportunity to present the project #Triangle4youth to the students of Humak.

Exciting part of the presentation was the practical part - when Suvi and Topias, who are future community educators and graduates of Humak, presented the ladder of participation according to John Huskins to the audience and explained the levels of youth involvement in the society. Finnish students were curious to know more about the next phases of the project and they were happily engaged in the activity.

Later on, there was a time for a cultural experience - Finnish sauna and cold water swimming in the nearly frozen sea.

Well.. and then we evaluated the day : )

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