• Tiko Nadirashvili

99,8 Kg of Collected Garbage, Graffiti Wall and Football Match with the Locals

Updated: Jun 25, 2018

There's no youth exchange without the local actions planned, organised, and developed by the young people. After a short hiking to the Ateni Valley, the group started to act! ✊🏻

Participants of ⚠️ #Triangle4youth practically implemented the concept of youth participation through several directions.

✔️ Stage 1. Meeting with the mayor, presentation of the needs assessment and possible solutions. More about the meeting can be seen here.

✔️ Stage 2. Dealing with the environmental issues. Interviews with the locals revealed the acute common problem: environmental problems in Gori: Polluted parks and streets, absence of recycling and environmental negligence. The group decided to start dealing with the problem and become the first change they wanted to see in this lovely city. 🌳🌿 🌵

Result of their efforts was 99,8 killograms of the collected garbage, cleaner park, tidier streets and local inhabitants, who were grateful seeing the people from different countries taking care of Gori environment. There was a prize for the winner: 20 kilos of ice-cream, which was shared after all. 🍦 🍦 🍦 🍦 🍦

✔️ Stage 3. Street Art - addressing social messages 📣

Mayor of Gori city hall permitted the project team to use one of the walls in the central park for graffiti. Participants created various types of street art.

List of the messages: No violence. Noise. No Hate. Your Voice Becomes Policy.

✔️ Stage 4. Playing football with the locals.

Youth Exchange team went to have a friendly football ⚽️ match with the Gori kids. Locals were more than happy to have an opportunity to talk and play with people from 5 different countries.

✔️ Stage 5. Series of workshops in the city of Zugdidi to boost follow-up projects.

The training-workshop was held with the representatives of Zugdidi Municipality City Hall, Ministry of Education, Monument Protection, Culture, Sports and Youth Affairs, "NP" School Management Training Center, Zugdidi City Council, NGOs, A(A) NP "Youth Art Palace" teachers and students. For more info, press here.

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