Conference "Youth in Transit"

Conference Youth in Transit was held on 15-16 February at Marriott Hotel in Tbilisi. The event was a culmination of a long-term capacity building project Triangle of Participation for youth (also known as #Triangle4Youth). The conference presented the project outcomes to the wider audience, multiplied the notions and the principles of an effective youth policy, i.e. strategy-based governance, youth participation, evidence-based policy, and cross-sectoral cooperation. Various project outcomes were examined during the event including the videos, publication, research, changes in the municipal policies throughout the project and the information and awareness campaign, which was conducted in participating countries, it was a platform where young people and decision-makers had an opportunity to work together and talk about the issues. The conference gave space to young people and youth organisations to present their practices. Parallel workshops and panel discussions took place in order to draft recommendations for municipalities. Young people, representatives of municipalities from EaP and EU countries, international organisations, youth organisations, researchers, local politicians, youth workers, youth activists were involved in the project #triangle4youth and this youth campaign was planned and organised by their joint efforts.

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Youth In Transit

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